Information & Resources


Guides for Video & Ethical Filming Practices When Documenting Police Abuse


1. Concealing identity in videos

2. Archiving video guidelines

3. Video on how to archive your footage/ evidence

4. Best practices for video upload




Tools to Aid Filming practices


1) Image Scrubber is  a tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests


2) How to remove EXIF data embedded in photos as well as geolocation data:


3) Tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests:


Resources for the Ethical Preservation of Social Media Content


1. Documentation of Digital Blackness in the Archive


2. Paper by Bergis Jules on Digital Blackness in the Archive



Resources for Dismantling Racism in Organizations


1 Action Tools for Dismantling Racism


2 Dismantling Racism


Fighting Police Violence 

1.  Workshops to Fight Police Violence

2. Community Action Manual

3. Research collaborative collecting comprehensive data on police killings nationwide to quantify the impact of police violence in communities

Resources for Archivists & Library Information Professionals


1. Strategies to dismantle white supremacy in archival practice by Michelle Caswell in her Archives, Records, and Memory class, Fall 2016, UCLA. Posters design by Gracen Brilmyer.


2. Libraries We Here - supportive community for BIPOC library and archive workers.


3. Project STAND’s S.A.V.E. methodology for outreach and appraisal of materials created by marginalized communities. 


4. Archivists for Back Lives in Philadelphia


5. Archives Against History Repeating Itself


6. Disrupting Whiteness in Libraries and Librarianship: A Reading List


7. The Blackivists’ Five Tips for Organizers, Protestors, and Anyone Documenting Movements


8. Free Course offered by the Society of American Archivists - Citizen Witnesses and Human Rights Video Archives

Miami & South Florida BIPOC Archives & Arts Organizations


Black Archives


Black Florida


Catalog of Cuban Women Photographers


Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator


Spady Cultural Heritage Museum


LGBTQ Archives


The Stonewall Museum and Archives


Miami Organizations & Local Chapters


Dream Defenders Miami       &

Black Lives Matter Broward   

(FEM)POWER Miami              

New Florida Majority              

Miami Workers Center            

Power U Center for Social Change

Health in the Hood                 


List of Local Bail Funds

(FEM)POWER Miami             

Florida LGBTQ Freedom Fund