WAAM will be organized around the principles of the participatory, post-custodial archive, emphasizing a community-oriented approach and fostering a democratic process of selection and participation.  

WAAM was inspired by asking the following Questions?


How can we reposition archives which have traditionally operated as sites as privilege, to record the histories of communities who have been left out of the historical record? 





 How can we re-examine archival practices and offer access points through multiple trajectories that are based in the community to rectify the historical omissions & silences  that are pervasive n in the archival record?  


Women Artists Archive Miami (WAAM)

WAAM is dedicated to the facilitation, preservation and documentation of artist archives of women and female identifying artists in Miami.

The project is a response to a growing need to build an archival presence in Miami to document the artistic production that has taken place here since the 1980s and beyond. In particular, this project will provide a space for women artists who are marginalized, those who do not have access to mainstream art resources and artists who are underrepresented.